Saturday, February 1, 2020

Pantry Challenge Days 22 - 27

No pictures, but I did remember to keep up with what we ate.

Saturday we had a pizza.  I picked a couple mini bell peppers from the greenhouse to go on top of the pizza.  I also used up the last of the pickled jalapeno peppers on mine.

Sunday I put a turkey breast in the slow cooker before we went to church.  Unfortunately I turned it to low rather than high so it was not done when we got home.  Instead we had corn dogs and fries from the freezer.  Supper was turkey sandwiches.

Monday and Tuesday were more turkey sandwiches and chips from the pantry.  By Wednesday I was trying to be creative with the turkey.  I made pot pie filling with the majority of it.  We had a pot pie for dinner, and I froze two containers for future meals.  There was still turkey left so I put it in the freezer so I can make a ham and cheese wrap in a week or two.

Thursday we had ham, macaroni & cheese, and corn.  We ate and there was enough left for a plate of leftovers.

Friday was Brunswick stew and grilled cheese since it was so rainy and cold.  The Brunswick stew was from the freezer, and we used the last of the homemade bread I made. 

I am going to continue the pantry challenge until my grocery shopping day this coming week.  I will either share menus or something new starting next Saturday.

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