Friday, January 31, 2020

Grocery Spending Week 4

This week I knew we were going to have to spend more money, but it was much lower than I expected.

W needed half & half for his morning coffee. I prefer to buy the larger container which was finally in stock. That was $5.19 and should last him 2-3 weeks.

Our main grocery shop was $13.  We bought:

bacon bits
cream of chicken soup
coffee filters
cheese slices
frozen mixed vegetables
sour cream

Then I fell victim to a coupon deal on 20oz sodas.  W has a habit of picking one up while he is out running errands.  I decided it was better to buy them ahead of time at a deal.  We got six of those for $6.40.  Not super cheap, but much better than $1.79-$1.89 each.

Total for the week:  $24.59

Total for the year:  $80.41

I am just over my hoped for $20/week spending.  I am hoping to keep February's budget low since we still have quite a bit in the pantry and freezer. 

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