Thursday, January 2, 2020

2020 Goals

This year I decided to pare down my list of goals and focus on just a few rather than trying to do everything when I have so much going on.

1.  Save all of our Change (Coins) for One Year
This came about after W showed me a story about a man who cashed in the change he had been saving for 10 years.  I thought it would be fun to do that for one year.  I emptied our change so we can have a fresh start. I am undecided if I will count it at the end of each month or the end of the year.

2.  Plan Ahead for My Business
I ended up being stretched a bit between my Facebook page, Etsy shop, and store booth.  I want to continue to do new items but stay ahead of the seasons.  I would also like to add one item to my Etsy shop each week.  I hope to organize my Facebook page and post several times a week.  Finally I want to better stock my shop booth.

3. Get Back to Basics
This one is pretty broad, and I am sure it will change over the course of the year.  I want to focus on the garden and growing stuff to help with the food bill for us and the feathered and furry ones.  I want to focus more on savings and stretching our money.  That will probably include doing a few things to earn gift cards and get back to entering sweepstakes again.  Time will tell how this one shapes up. 

There you have simple goal and two that could lead me anywhere.  Over the last two years it has felt like a bit of a roller coaster so I am hoping 2020 brings calmer days.  Although I am sure there will be some adventures along the way!

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