Friday, January 24, 2020

Grocery Spending Week 3 & Freezing Dough

Grocery Spending first - I did skip the grocery store but we stopped at the dollar store for a loaf of bread and a bag of chips for a total of $2.86.  I will definitely have to do a bit of grocery shopping next week as we used up several items. 

Grocery Spending 2020:  $55.82

I missed doing a goal update, but I will combine the weeks on Monday for one post.  On a second note Cheryl asked about freezing dough.  I am not sure that I ever like frozen dough quite as good as fresh made.  The convenience of it means that I do occasionally freeze dough.  I generally add more yeast - maybe a couple of teaspoons extra or even double the amount - to dough that is going to be frozen.  Since I make the majority of my doughs in the bread machine, I let them go through the first rise but not the second.  If I am doing pizza dough, I freeze it before it rises.

One of my favorite frozen dough recipes is from Money Saving Mom.  I used to make her Make-Ahead Butterhorns all of the time.  It is a good way to try freezing dough.

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Cheryl said...

Thanks I don't have a bread machine just my kitchen aid and after mixing the dough I would let it raise and the leftovers I would freeze. Definitely not as good as the fresh.