Friday, January 3, 2020

New Year's Eve Food

Each New Year's Eve my church has a little party.  The difference is that we hold it earlier in the evening and are home long before midnight.  This year we celebrated New Year's with the Azores Islands.  It is always a small crowd, but we have a great time.  We eat, talk and eat a bit more.  This year I waited until that day to decide what to contribute.

I decided that we could probably use something healthy so I made a vegetable tray.  I brought plenty to snack on throughout the week.

I balanced that with something not healthy but oh so yummy.  I made Blueberry Pie Sugar Cookie Bars a variation of these.  I have made it several times with different types of pie filling, and each one is delicious.  For some reason I had never taken it to church.  It got rave reviews and multiple recipe requests. 

My favorite part is that it uses just four ingredients, and two of those are pantry staples.  It is quick to mix together and always a favorite.  On a side note I used blueberry pie filling since that was on sale when I went shopping earlier that day.

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