Monday, January 6, 2020

Goal Update

Goals first...

1.  Save all of our Change (coins) for the Year
I found a large jar in our pantry to put all of our coins in.  I can easily count the change right now, but I hope in a month or two it is less obvious how much money is inside.

2.  Plan Ahead for My Business
I have spent the past few days working on items to put in my shop.  I am focusing on more general items rather than a specific holiday.  These are things that could be used for any occasion.  I am working with yarn leftover from other orders to make these items.  I am still plugging away on orders too.  I am listing a unicorn coin purse on Etsy later today.  The sun is finally out so I can take some decent pictures.

3.  Get Back to Basics
  • I started a pantry challenge and planned meals based on what is in the pantry/freezer.
  •  I found a forgotten Amazon gift card that I used to buy peat pellets for seed starting and a set of smaller crochet hooks for some projects. 
  • I waited a day to order yarn needed for January orders and cut my shipping charges in half.  The closest craft store is at least an hour one way.  It is much cheaper for me to order online even if I have to pay a bit of shipping when I factor in the time and cost of gas.

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