Thursday, January 16, 2020

Garden Week 2

The first round of seeds that I planted are growing nicely.  The yellow and orange peppers are the biggest.  The red ones are lagging behind but should catch up in a week or two.

As you can see I have many more trays than last week.  My seed order finally arrived.  Every year I always say that I am not going to go overboard with peppers.  Just like every other year I fail at that miserably.  In my defense W and my dad are enablers and picked out a couple while encouraging me to choose a new one or three.  I am also trying dwarf tamarillo.  I saw it while looking through the seed catalog, and I love a gardening adventure.  I am also going to try artichokes.  

Truthfully I like to grow things that fall into one of two categories.  First are the things we or the animals really like to eat so growing makes more sense than buying them.  Second are the unusual things that either I cannot find in stores here in the middle of nowhere or that no one around me grows or even knows about.  The garden may be the one place I am truly adventurous!

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