Monday, January 27, 2020

Goals Update Weeks 3 & 4

1.  Save All of our Change (coins) for the Year

W thinks we have about $5 saved up so far.  This one has been a bit hard for me.  I like to pay for cash purchases with exact change especially if I know it is in my purse.  I am trying to get more exited about filling the jar.  I think starting in February that I will round up my online purchases and at the end of the month stick the money in the jar.

2.  Plan Ahead for My Business
I have not added anything to my shop in two weeks.  Ugh!  I am not sure why other than the items I am currently making to sell locally are all over Etsy.  I need to keep my eye out for a few unusual but popular items.

I am working on some orders and have started on Easter baskets which definitely counts as planning ahead.  For the shop it was requested that I make some baby shoes.  I  also ordered plastic shoe pieces to help the shoes hold their shape and look a bit more professional.

I did add a couple of loveys to my shop booth including the dragon pictured above. 

3.  Get Back to Basics

I think I am going to start doing a separate post for this one on Tuesdays (starting tomorrow).  I will come up with a third goal to swap out with this one for next week. 

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