Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Garden 2020

I know many of you are freezing with absolutely no thoughts of a garden yet.  Here in the south I am actually a bit behind.  My seed order should be arriving this week.  I did have a few pepper seeds on hand.  When my peat pellets came in yesterday, I immediately got the first three trays started.

I am using some mini foil trays my aunt picked up on clearance to keep the varieties separate.  These are three different colors of mini bell peppers.  I have them under some led lights in our living room. 

To get them closer to the light for right now, I am using a box.  I had good luck starting pepper seeds under these lights last year.  I decided to see if having them closer to the light would help them grow better.

I also decided to start cleaning in the garden while the weather was nice.  I got two tires cleaned out.  The wood bed around the stevia rotted, but W found a tire to put around it just to keep the chickens from completely scratching the dirt away from the roots.  It is not much, but at least it is a start to 2020's garden.

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