Saturday, January 11, 2020

Pantry Challenge - Days 1-7

Saturday we had pizza.  I make a Detroit style pizza which we settled on as being our favorite.  I use the crust and sauce recipes from the link.  The sauce makes 4-5 pizzas worth so I freeze the extra.  I mix the dough by hand, in the Kitchen Aid, or in the bread machine, and it turns out great no matter which I use.  I also made two small salads.  Neither one of us was hungry that evening and just had a snack.

Sunday was clean out the fridge day.  We had leftover potato soup and crackers for dinner (lunch).  Supper was the leftover pizza from Saturday.

Monday I needed to cook.  I tried a new to me recipe for Mongolian beef which did not impress W.  I divided the leftovers into single serve portion and froze them for me to eat later.  Our evening meal was Loaded Chicken Salad.  I had a pack of chicken thighs in the freezer so this was a good way to use them up.  We ate it on leftover hamburger buns and had chips on the side.

Tuesday we had sandwiches when we came in from running errands.  I try to have something on hand to eat soon after we walk in the door.  It prevents temptation to stop at a fast food place or grab something extra at the grocery store.  Supper (dinner) was an "on your own" type of meal.

Wednesday I put Brunswick stew in the slow cooker.  We ate it with crackers.  For supper I had a snacky plate of cheese, vegetables and ranch. W ate a ham sandwich.

Thursday was leftover Brunswick stew.  I also put two containers in the freezer for future meals.  W had a sandwich for supper.  I ate another snacky plate.

Friday I took some taco seasoned chicken out of the freezer.  I like nachos while W prefers to eat it as tacos. Supper was snacky again.  We have gotten out of the habit of eating a big supper/dinner.  I guess it really shows this week. 

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Cheryl said...

Every times I freeze leftover dough it doesn't seem as good as fresh. I put the dough in a Ziploc bag with a little oil and defrost overnight in the fridge. Should I mix the dough and freeze without proofing?