Monday, February 10, 2020

Goals Update Week 6

1  Save All of Our Change for the Year

I have gotten in the habit of cleaning out my coin purse when I come in from running errands.  The jar is slowly filling up.

2.  Plan Ahead for My Business
I am working to catch up on orders right now.  I have three left but all are rather involved.  Technically I will have one left.  It is a multi-item order, but I have until June to do it.  I ordered the yarn for one of the items over the weekend so I can get started.  I am also still working on the Easter baskets.  The unicorn is done, and the dragon is in the works.

3.  Try 12 New Recipes/Cooking Techniques

I am attempting to make a sourdough starter this month.  I ended up getting a migraine at the end of last week and was pretty much useless for a few days.  As a result my starter suffered.  I think I need to start over.  I want to look for a more in-depth tutorial since I have no idea what it should look or smell like.  I am determined to make it work

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