Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Goals Update Week 7

1.  Save All of Our Change for the Year

The coin jar is a little fuller.  We do not do a ton of shopping so I am not sure the jar will ever completely fill up.  Still it will be interesting to see how much is there at the end of the year.

For our online purchases, I have decided to round them up when paying the credit card bill.  That should help chip a bit off the debt.

2.  Plan Ahead for My Business

This past week I posted something on my Facebook page every day.  I went from almost completely caught up on orders to having a list with deadlines through June.  I am not sure if the two are completely related, but I feel like it definitely helped.  Unfortunately I am mostly out of new things to post this week.  Instead I will post a few previous items since I do have many new followers.

I finished another Easter basket - a dragon.  


This week I need to finish up a bunch of sloth plant holders for online orders and a unicorn which is being donated to a local school.  I also want to find a bit of time to start on a bunny Easter basket.

3.  Goal #3

This one is tough.  Last night as I was trying to shut my mind down so I could go to sleep, I decided that trying to master 12 cooking techniques this year was probably not in my best interest.  I thought of a wonderful new goal that would be a bit challenging but something I could achieve.  The problem.....this morning I cannot remember what it is.  I am hoping that it will come back to me so I can share it with y'all.  *Sigh* I feel like that is what my life is like now.  

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