Thursday, February 6, 2020

Goals Update Week 5

I cannot seem to get my act totally together.  Maybe next week....  Better late than never though.

1.  Save All of Our Change for the Year

I added more coins to the jar this week.  It is slowly building up.  I am definitely going to wait until the end of the year to see how much we accumulate.

2.  Plan Ahead for My Business
I am still busy with baby shoes and am also working on orders.  I continue to chip away at the Easter baskets.  I have yet to add anything to my Etsy shop, but I am thinking that I may give the Easter baskets a try.  I do not see many of those listed yet.  Trying to guess what will sell is not my strong point.  The shoes I made just to fill a space in my booth sold before the ones I thought would sell.

Now for the new goal....

3.  Try 12 New Recipes/Cooking Techniques
I will have to double up one month to make up for January.  For February I am trying my hand at making sourdough starter.  I am not sure the first batch is doing much so it may take a few tries to get it right.  That is what makes it a challenge though to work toward. I am trying a method in Grit magazine, but if anyone has a starter method please share.

I am going to double up and add Back to Basics on today's post.

  • I entered some online sweepstakes and instant wins.  It is free so much cheaper than playing the lottery and occasionally I win something.
  • We ate leftovers, and I cooked from scratch.
  • I planned laundry around the weather and washed clothes on the sunny days.  It meant doubling up a bit, but I did not have to use the dryer.
  • I needed to transplant the pepper and artichoke seedlings.  Rather than buy potting soil, I dug up some compost.  It has extra fertilizer from the added rabbit manure and the chickens.  I expect it is better for the plants, and it was free.  
  • I did not buy any yarn.  I admit that I was really tempted by a sale.  My plan for this month is to make as much as I can with the yarn I have on hand.

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