Friday, January 29, 2016

Furry & Feathered Friday: Thea and the Rooster

Many people question having several types of animals living together.  Cats and chickens are one I get asked about often.  Thea lives primarily in the chicken house (with access to a better shelter if she chooses).  As a result she has gotten used to being around the chickens, and they have gotten used to her.  She does like to run through a group of chickens every now and then but has never tried to catch one.

Her food bowl is at the back of the chicken house.  I kept wondering who was helping her eat the cat food.  I thought it might have been her friend, Barney, who is my parents' cat.  Then I started noticing that some of the chickens were hanging around her bowl.

That was nothing compared to finding Thea and the bantam rooster eating together with both of their heads in the bowl at the same time.  A good paw swat from Thea would send him running, but she seems content to share.

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