Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Testing, Testing: Pecan-Almond Butter

I found the recipe for Pecan-Almond Butter in an issue of Eating Well magazine.  It is a simple recipe and perfect to get me back into trying out some recipes.  The recipe is on the frugal side but still a special treat.  I used almonds purchased in bulk and pecans from our trees.  The remaining ingredients are pantry staples.

It starts with roasting the nuts and then putting everything into a food processor.  I have a 15+ year old Black and Decker food processor and had no problem making the butter.  I did stop it every couple of minutes and scrape down the sides.  After about 7 minutes, I had a smooth butter spread.

We ate it on sandwiches.  W decided since we rarely ate peanut butter sandwiches anymore that he would rather have this instead.  I loved the idea as I have never been a huge fan of peanut butter.  I like the small amount and am certain we can eat it up within the one month time frame.