Tuesday, January 5, 2016

This Year's Goals

I went back and forth on planning any goals for 2016.  The last part of 2015 was unorganized chaos, and I realized I could not survive a year of that.  I decided on two main goals with some sub-goals for each.

Goal 1 - Finish Building and Move Into the New House without Losing It:  I do not handle chaos very well, and building your own home is the very definition of chaos.  I have a couple of mini goals that fall into this category along with the main one.

  • Spend Less Money Than the Bank Gave Us - I will be keeping a close watch on our regular budget as well as the new home budget.  The less of the bank's money we use the happier I will be.  
  • Declutter - I will be using up what I can before we move (even though it is just across the yard).  I am also planning a big yard sale once we are in the new house.

Goal 2 - Take Care of Myself:  This goes along with the not "losing it" part of goal one.  I tend to let myself get run down and crash.  Since I know the coming year will be stressful, I am planning ahead to avoid the crashing.

  • Be Healthier - This is a broad goal, but I am going to work along with the book 52 Small Changes:  One Year to a Happier, Healthier You.  It leads readers to make one change each week building over the course of a year.  I hope posting here will give me the push to stick with it.
  • Be Organized - For this one I am going to give myself a daily to do list.  I found this free printable daily planner.  It is cute and has limited spaces so that I cannot make an impossible to do list.  I write out my top six the night before so I am not left making a list in my head while trying to fall asleep.
  • Have Fun - I plan to spend some time each week doing something fun - reading, working on a craft project, etc.  

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