Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekly Savings

I skipped grocery shopping this past week.  We had plenty of food on hand so I saved money and time by not going into town.

I cleaned out the rabbit house.  This was free exercise and gave me a good amount of fertilizer to add to the compost pile.

I talked myself out of a $5 magazine subscription.  It was not a favorite magazine, and I was happier keeping the $5 in my wallet.

I have been making my own herbal tea bags using bulk purchased herbs and disposable filter bags.  It is easy to prefill the bags with whatever herbs I want.

I got more free exercise when I picked up the fallen branches from our pecan trees.  Those went into a pile to be chipped into mulch later.

I did my best to make good use of our leftovers.  I had a couple of extra baked pork chops.  One was saved with other items for a meal for me while W was at work.  I sliced the remaining one thin to top big salads for lunch.  I also baked a lemon ricotta pound cake to use up some ricotta.

A couple of the tomato plants in the greenhouse were "bitten" by cold before W hooked up the heater.  Since only the leaves were affected and not the stems, I cut off two of the suckers and brought them in the house.  They went into a small jar of water in the kitchen window.  I am hoping that they will root and put on new growth.  If not I am only out a bit of my time.

I used the apple juice from boiling the apple peels and cores from last week to make four half-pints of apple jelly.  

I packed W's lunch as usual  This takes a few minutes of prep time but saves hundreds of dollars each year.  I also make sure to use reusable containers so we are not spending money on disposable bags.  W also takes a thermos with tea so he is not tempted to purchase sodas.


Rhonda said...

You did good! I always packed Jeff's snacks and lunch too. He thought his coworkers who ate both fast food breakfasts and lunches were just silly with there money. Most of them did both. Can you imagine how much that would add up to?

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Great savings this week. My husband and I are both retired now , but when we were working, I packed our lunches..It saves so much money. Have a great week.

Terri Cheney said...

I set aside single portions for myself for lunches. It saved ME buying dinner out the other day and I find if I have a handy single serving stashed in the freezer, I'm far more likely to eat properly on one of my very busy alone at home days.