Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekly Savings

Last week was a bit crazy here as we finally got back to work on the house.  I was also a bit under the weather and did not do a great job at keeping up with my savings.  I am going to hit just a few high points.

I did avoid going to the doctor (so far) and have been treating myself at home with some natural remedies and rest.  I never reached the point that I would need antibiotics and am not a fan of taking them willy nilly.

I rarely keep canned chicken noodle soup on hand.  Instead I have bags of small noodles and chicken broth/base to make my own soup as needed.

I stuck to a slightly higher but still thrifty grocery budget.  That included some items for freezer meals.  We also focused on eating up leftovers.

Some family friends brought by oranges from their trees.  They have been delicious and were a free fruit for W's lunch.

I used the heater in the greenhouse to keep the plants alive while we had some extra cold weather.  I also put a heater into the goldfish pond.  Both of these will only cause a slight increase in our electric bill.  I have many plants packed into the greenhouse that would be expensive to replace.

I made some envelopes using copy paper and glue sticks.  I like that I can have fun colored envelopes for a fraction of the cost of purchasing them premade.

My children's class at church sends birthday and anniversary cards to church members as a mission project.  I was able to get some discounted cards from Current Catalog at a great price.  It keeps the children involved and everyone seems to appreciate getting a card in the mail.

What did you do to save money this past week?

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