Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Christmas Gifts

Tell me I am not the only one thinking about Christmas gifts!  Since we are building our new house without a mortgage, every penny counts.  We have not become complete misers just yet though.  Christmas gifts are going to be much simpler this year.  None of the adults on W's side swap gifts.  It is children only on that side.  My side does gifts for the children and a gift swap for the adults.

Three of the children (two nephews and a niece) are older so gifts for them might be harder to figure out.  I am thinking I will just cave and give them all a bit of cash.  Unless I can come up with an idea for the teen boys.  Any help?

Two children are young - barely over a year old.  They do not need any stuff so I am going the practical route and gifting both with baby wipes.  I can buy a bulk packages from Amazon and divide it between the two.

The remainder of the children are girls - six of them.  To stay on the safe side I am making all of them the same thing.  I have an abundance of yarn and wanted to do a nice scarf for each of them.  I have narrowed it down to two options.  I am torn between a regular scarf or an infinity scarf.  It is best to make the same thing for all of them to cut down on drama.  I can customize each scarf to each girl's favorite colors.  Which would you make?

That leaves the gift swap.  I will keep my out eye for a deal - maybe something on clearance.  I might see if I have some extra items around the house that could go into a goodie bag.

I also need something for my four church children.  I may do a favorites bag of candy and snacks.  I know their parents would appreciate a consumable gift.

I have friend gifts in mind.  Since several of my friends do read my blog, that must remain a secret for now.

Let me know which scarf you prefer and if you have any handmade teen boy gift ideas.  I would also like to know if you are planning ahead for Christmas gifts.


Helena said...

I've already bought presents!! Things for penfriend, for Lucas and my husband is planning for his family saying hell buy it all soon. It reduces stress later on plus spreads the costs.

I like both scarves!! I think the infinity, snood we call them here, are more fashionable today so for young girls I'd do those.

Teen boys. No idea!! Dvds??? Vouchers for a game store, google play or similar? I guess they may want to buy music or a game.

Rhonda said...

Teen boys usually like necklaces and bracelets of the masculine sort. I've seen good ideas on Pinterest.

Susan said...

You are NOT the only one thinking Christmas. *laugh*

I am voting for the infinity scarf, but either is delightful.

When it comes to Teen boys I wouldn't even limit the gift to a gift card. I would give cash. But google "fun ways to dress up cash gifts", or words to that effect. They have lots of great ideas for making cold hard cash look fun. Check out the box of "candy". You could even add pieces of real candy to fill it out.

Lilac Dreams said...
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