Friday, August 12, 2016

Furry Friday: Thea

Thea has never shown any interest in being a house cat.  She prefers lounging in the yard and visiting the chickens.  She does come into the new house to visit.  I think she sees is more of a storage area like where her food bowls are rather than a house.

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terricheney said...

Every morning when I open the front door to go out to feed Misu, also a very outdoor cat, she steps over the threshold, looks about and then turns and walks out. I've no clue why she must check out the front room but she must and then she's done. No more walking into the house at any other time. Of course, I have learned to be very, very cautious with her and see that her mouth is empty of 'gifts'. Most recently she had a big rat. I was in the back yard when she went around the house crying loudly for attention. I ran in the back door and yelled at John, "Do NOT open that front door!" Of course that was right where she went...Thankfully he understood she was bearing gifts when I yelled at him and he didn't get up to see why the loud cry!