Monday, August 8, 2016

Weekly Savings

The past few weeks have been so busy that I felt like we have not been very good about savings.  We ate way too much convenience food although we did have a few frugal meals.  I bought a whole chicken and made chicken salad.  I kept up with bread making so that we did not need to purchase bread.  I used some of the leftover chicken and rice and frozen vegetable mix from the freezer to make homemade fried rice.  It was cheap and filling.

I shopped around when purchasing items for the new house.  I bought faucets from Amazon and Home Depot to get the best prices.  We waiting until Sherwin Williams' 40% off sale to purchase paint and stain.  We continued to do all of the work ourselves.

We purchased a new mower deck for our mower.  This might not seem like a savings, but the deck was much cheaper than a brand new mower.  W did the replacement himself to save labor costs.  I shopped around for belts and the grass deflector to get the best price on these items.

We have been watching "The Great British Baking Show" for free on the PBS website.  Episode one is no longer available for free, but the remaining episodes are.

I made some note cards using some free postcards that were sent to me along with some cardstock.  I also made a few with flower pictures I had taken and cardstock.

I have continued to line dry clothes rather than use the dryer.

I have cooked in the toaster oven rather than the big oven.  This keeps from heating up the kitchen too much.


terricheney said...

You are quite right that mower deck is far less expensive than a new mower! We did that to our former mower a few years ago. I reckon we got three more good years off that mower and that was very cost effective. When it stopped running, John gave it to a friend who got it up and running again for another year or so before it died a good hard death.

Shara said...

We try to repair things whenever we can, too. It just makes good sense. However, sometimes we have to admit we are think my poor oven may be getting to that point.