Monday, February 6, 2017

2017 Goals Week 6

1.  Completely Finish the House
I am still waiting patiently.  I should probably start a to do list to keep us on track once the work does begin.

2.  Plan Ahead for Birthday and Holiday Gifts
I realized that I will need three wedding gifts, a baby gift, and a graduation gift this year. I will need to up my gift savings amount now to compensate for that.  My budget will handle these extra gifts if I set aside the money in advance.

3. Use the Garden to be More Self-Sufficient
I started seeds in peat pellets in the greenhouse.  I like planting seeds for two reasons.  First I can grow varieties of plants that are not available at the local garden center.  Second it is more cost effective.  It does require some advance planning though.  I also started sprouting wheat seeds to feed the rabbits and chickens.  I am hoping this will help lower the feed bill.

4.  Take One Class a Month
I finished several more lessons of garden class.  One of the lessons had me drawing out a garden design and making a five year plan.  It got both W and myself thinking about what things we want to add to the yard/garden over the next few years.  I also enjoyed the lesson on "Artful Touches".  I will definitely be keeping my eye out for art that I can add to the garden area.

5.  Pack Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes on a Budget
I ordered some stickers from Amazon.  I got 1000 for $5.  They are the larger circle stickers.  I add some to all of my boxes each year.  I also crocheted a couple more wash cloths.

6.  Boost Savings
I was able to set aside the majority of my church cleaning check for the credit card debt.  We are slowly but surely knocking that out!

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