Friday, February 17, 2017

Frugal Friday

W requested two cakes for work for a dinner.  I made a coconut cake and a red velvet cake from scratch.  I do not know the current bakery prices, but I expect I made both for less than one would have cost to purchase.

I used my newly purchased soil sifter to sift through the excess dirt in the chicken house.  That was added to a new raised bed.

We sold a few rabbits and excess roosters.

I ordered an 8x10 print for free from CVS.  I chose some free subway art that I can put in a picture frame to display during the spring.

I made bread crumbs using a bunch of end pieces from homemade bread that I stashed in the freezer.

W had a friend visiting around dinnertime and invited him to eat with us.  We had a simple meal of ham and potato soup with popovers.  W said that he went on and on about how good the soup was.  It goes to prove that meals need not be expensive or elaborate when having guests.

I dehydrated more stinging nettle from the garden. 

I received a $5 Amazon card from Microsoft Rewards.

I did the usual - hung clothes to dry, packed W's work lunch, cooked meals at home, etc.

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Rhonda said...

Good job this week.
I don't know the price of bakery cakes but I do know they are high. And they don't usually taste very good either. M