Monday, February 20, 2017

2017 Goals Week 7

1.  Completely Finish the New House
The second potential owner of our old house never got back to us.  We have another person coming this week.  Third times the charm, right?  I sure hope so.  I continued to work on the yard by cleaning up an area of the property which will become our turkeys' new home in a few weeks.

2.  Plan ahead for Birthday and Holiday Gifts
I ordered another book for the next birthday girl.  We will not be going to the party.  I will give the gift to my mother-in-law to deliver and save the cost of shipping.

3.  Use the Garden to be More Self-Sufficient
I dehydrated more stinging nettle.  I have enough dried nettle so I will pick the rest and dry it in the greenhouse to feed to the chickens.  Next on my dehydrating list is lemon balm.

4.  Take One Class a Month
I did not watch any lessons from the gardening class last week.  I do plan to finish the last two lessons this week and maybe start on a cooking class.

5.  Pack Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes on a Budget
I crocheted a few more wash cloths.  W won several small flashlights at our church's Valentine Banquet.  Those will go into the shoeboxes as we have plenty of flashlights.

6.  Boost Savings
Nothing special toward this goal this past week.  I do hope to find a bit of spare money in the budget this week though.

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