Wednesday, February 15, 2017

In the Garden

The weather here is so warm.  Normally February means I am stuck indoors with quick trips to the greenhouse.  This year I have worked out in the yard nearly every day.  I am trying to hold off from planting anything outside since I have no guarantee that cold weather will not make one last stand.

Outdoors, things are starting to sprout on their own.  The raspberry canes are coming back out.

The stevia plants which had died back are sprouting out too and seem to be much stronger this year.

The garden pea plants are loaded with little pea pods.  The Tom Thumb garden pea is a wonderful variety to grow.  They will definitely have a yearly spot in my garden.

In other outdoor garden news, I spent one day earlier this week with the help of my parents cleaning out an area of the property for our turkeys (Tom & Jane).  They are getting big and need a larger area.

In the greenhouse the pepper plants are growing and looking very strong.  Starting them in the house made a huge difference.

I am sprouting a mixture of wheat, rye, and oats for the chickens and rabbits.

I have a few seeds sprouting in the peat pellets.

Bunny tails on the left 

The first blueberry tomato plant

Bee Balm

In the house the lemon seeds I planted are just beginning to sprout.  I hope to have several lemon trees for our garden.

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