Friday, February 3, 2017

Frugal Friday

I opted to order all of my garden seeds from one company this year. It saved on shipping since Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds offers flat rate shipping.

I was not able to get any lunchbox pepper seeds as Baker Creek does not carry them.  Instead I bought lunchbox peppers which were on sale this week.  I will eat the peppers and plant the seed!

I thought about buying birthday cards since I had not gotten around to making any for February birthdays.  In the end I got in my craft room and made birthday and anniversary cards for this month.  I will work on the cards for the remainder of this year over the next few weeks.  I saved myself a minimum of $4 this month and $30+ over the entire year.  It just took a bit of motivation to save the money.

I made some note cards for writing to friends.  I realize I could write letters on plain paper, but I like to send letters written on fun paper.

I used some coupons on planned purchase items at the grocery store to save some money.

I used an Amazon discount code to get inexpensive vitamins.  I ordered a couple of things for the shoeboxes and chose no rush shipping.  I have enough credits for a free movie rental for February and a cheap date night.

I have been drinking water in a reusable water bottle.

I intentionally chose flower seeds for my bee/butterfly garden that are drought tolerant and will reseed.

I watched tv shows and some movies for free though Crackle and Vudu.

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