Thursday, April 6, 2017

52 New Recipes: Week 14 ~ King Arthur Flour April Bakealong

My planned new recipe fell through when we ate leftovers a couple of nights.  I kept pushing other planned meals further down until the new one was off the menu.  I got an email for the April Bakealong with King Arthur Flour - Chocolate Babka.  I had pinned several recipes for chocolate babka.  Those recipes tended to be very involved and used expensive chocolate.  I had everything on hand to make King Arthur Flour's version.

I did halve the recipe and used the bread machine to make things even easier.  I mixed the filling and topping right by the recipe.  I think this is the first recipe in a long time that I followed exactly.  While I do need to work on my twisting/shaping, I thought it turned out well considering I was finishing up dinner at the same time as the babka.

My picture is not great as it was late when we actually cut the bread.  It was delicious - sweet but not overly sweet.  I really loved how easy it was once I tasted it.  This will go into my recipe book. Now I want to go back and do the other bakealong challenges.

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