Friday, April 12, 2013

Furry & Feathered Friday

This Furry Friday post covers the outside animals.  We have two new rabbits - girls who do not have names yet.  They are separated from the boys as we have no interest in being overrun with baby rabbits. 

The chickens love being able to free range, and we benefit with the wonderful eggs.  The yolks are so orange that cake batter is practically neon in color.   Some of the girls were afraid they were going to miss a treat and followed me into the chicken pen.

We leave the main door open so they can go in when they get tired and need a break.  Often in the evenings, they will go into their pens if they feel we are too slow with supper.

Of course they enjoy roaming around the yard, eating bugs, and just hanging out.

One of their favorite nesting areas is a shelf full of onions that dried up.  The funny looking egg in the center is a wooden egg, which encourages them to return to the nest.  If no eggs are left, they tend to move on.  This saves us from having an egg hunt every day.

Finally I wanted to share our newest chickens who are in the small brooder.  In another week we will move them to the nursery pen.


Susan in SC said...

What sweet chicks! I really would like to have chickens.

Helena said...

oooh I want them all!