Friday, April 19, 2013

Furry Friday

I just have one picture to share today.  Last night W and I came home from a long day of shopping.  He commented that JJ was seriously guarding the catnip.  I rushed in to get the camera.  JJ stayed perfectly still until I snapped the photo and then hopped down.

The catnip has really grown in the past week.  The sturdy wire cage allows the leaves to grow through so the cats can enjoy them.  It keeps the plants safe from the same cats.

It seems that only 50 percent of cats love catnip.  All three of ours love it.  A few of the neighbor cats visit occasionally as well.  The trait is inherited, but not all of our cats are rescued from near here.  I guess they are just lucky to have a home with catnip in the yard.


Helena said...

I didn't know that only 50% of cats like catnip. My cat loves it. It's such a good idea what you have done with it growing in a cage like that! Mine's next to my rose shrub in a pot, a thorny rose! My cat will climb up on the side and rub his face on it but nothing else. I have a scratch pad indoors for him on which I sprinkle dry catnip, and it's his favourite spot in the house.

NubianLibrarian said...

I, too, love the idea of growing the catnip in the cage so they can just get at a few leaves at a time! All three of my cats LOVE catnip and I intend to try to grow some like you have done here! :)