Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

Last week I made a pineapple cheese ball.  I saved the pineapple juice and decided to try this recipe from I Heart Eating.  I did not have quite enough juice so I added some water to get to the amount of liquid needed.  I also made these in my bread machine.  I basically just dumped everything in and turned in on the dough cycle. 

After the cycle ended I shaped the rolls and covered them to allow them to rise.  After a little over an hour, they were ready to bake.  I cooked them for 20 minutes and then covered them lightly with foil and baked another 10 minutes.  I was rewarded with very light, fluffy rolls.

This recipe is definitely a keeper.  It was delicious with half pineapple juice and half water.  I know it will be wonderful with the full amont of pineapple juice.


lostsoulhelpmejebus said...

So glad you did comment on the original recipes site, I so wanted to make these but I do bread machine since everyone works or is at school. I am going to try this recipe this weekend. Many thanks for your help and insight!

Dawn said...

I am so glad my comment helped you out. I love my bread machine to knead the dough. The recipe worked beautifully with a bread machine. It is a family favorite now.