Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spray Paint Makeover

I had two large pots that are in generally good condition - one more so than the other.  Still both were usable even if they did not look the best.  I needed to divide the ferns that were in them so I decided to paint the pots.  Here is the before.

I wanted to paint them both red.  As I finished spraying one, the can of paint quit working correctly.  Maybe W can get it going, but I wanted to finish the product.  I had a can of gray paint and used it on the second.  They are far from perfect but do look much better.


Susan in SC said...

I love your "new" pots! Red and gray look pretty together!

Helena said...

really cute!!! if you could be bothered, you could put grey polka dots on the red one, and red polka dots on the grey one... he he!!!