Monday, April 22, 2013

Menu Plan & Grocery Spending

Last week W and I did a big shopping trip at Sam's Club.  We stocked up on quite a few things.  It will save money in the long run, but it stretches the budget for the immediate future.  To compensate I am cutting back on my spending for the next few weeks.  I am giving myself a budget of $20 per week which is plenty given the amount of food I have on hand.  Some of the meals are from last week's menu.  W had a work meal, and we ate out while we were shopping.

I skipped regular grocery shopping last week and stopped in today to pick up the current sale items.  I purchased Vidalia onions, grape tomatoes, two bags of chips, three packages of cheese, and a pack of pork chops.  I spent a total of $16.  I think the pork chops were my best buy.  I got nearly 5 pounds for just $3.70 (markdown plus a coupon).

Here is the menu for the coming week:

Pork chops, rice & gravy, peas or something from the freezer - I am going to try cooking the brown rice in the crockpot.  I will choose some sort of vegetable from the freezer.

Taco salads - I need to make tortillas so will keep two for the shells for taco salads.  I will use lettuce from the garden and some of the grape tomatoes I purchased.  I have avocado in the freezer. 

Barbecue Sandwiches and chips - I never got around to cooking the Boston butt and will do that this week.

Chicken, hash brown casserole, and veggie of some sort - Another carryover from last week.  The vegetable will depend on what I can put my hands on first in the freezer.

Turkey burgers & fries - I have premade turkey burgers in the freezer that I mixed up a few weeks ago. 

Big salads - I will continue to make use of the fresh lettuce from the garden.  These will be topped with either ham or chicken as well as hard boiled eggs.

Pizza and salad - Are you tired of seeing this on my menu?  I guess I should start calling it "The Usual". 

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