Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Garden Update - Part 2

In addition to the main garden, I still have some things in the greenhouse.  I usually spend at least a month trying to get everything out and into its proper place.  I keep potted plants and flowers in the greenhouse over the winter.  Between those and all of the vegetables, emptying the greenhouse is no easy task.

I still have a variety of pepper plants in the greenhouse that are not quite ready to be planted.

The large pineapple plants are simply too big for me to move.  I will have to wait for W's help.  The largest has a pineapple that should start ripening soon.  I also have two more plants that are just blooming.

My lemon tree is doing well and has one lovely (though small) lemon on it.

Now for the main garden.  The first row has cucumbers.

Row number 2 has a variety of tomatoes that I did not have room for in the raised bed.


We have four double rows of corn.  The seeds are just starting to sprout.

W wanted a row of jalapeno peppers in the garden so I planted extra seeds in the greenhouse.  They are growing very well.

We have a few rows of potatoes.  Last year's potato crop did not do well so I hope for better results this year.

Last year we grew lots of string beans.  This year we planted enough for fresh eating.

The final row has some cabbage plants which are beginning to head.


Susan in SC said...

How beautiful! It seems strange to me to see black soil when we have red clay here! LOL!

Susan in SC said...

I meant to also mention how BIG your pineapple plant has gotten! WOW!!!

Helena said...

they all look really healthy, and I'm very jealous of the pine apple plants! I'll come around for dinner and eat all those lovely veggies.