Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekly Menu

I am trying to get back (again) to planning a menu.  This time of year I tend to stay in the yard much too long.  Before I know it W and I are tired and hungry, and I have no plan for a meal.  I am sure there will be some leftovers from several days to help finish out the week.

Pizza & Salad - I broke down and bought some frozen pizzas on sale.  The salad will be made from fresh lettuce from the garden.

Pork & beans with hot dogs & au gratin potatoes - I make my own pork and beans from dried beans.  I have a few hot dogs in the freezer that need to be used.  I need to use up some potatoes as well.

Cheeseburgers & chips - An easy meal to put together with venison from the freezer and homemade buns. 

Roast, rice & gravy, peas - I will put the roast in the crockpot along with some homemade cream of mushroom soup.  I will cook a large batch of rice and freeze the leftovers.  The peas will be from the freezer.

Big salads with shrimp - With the lettuce producing well, we will be eating more salad.  I will add some popcorn shrimp from the freezer, sliced eggs, and sprouts to the garden lettuce.

Barbecue chicken, macaroni & cheese, butterbeans, deviled eggs - We have plenty of chicken in the freezer so I need to make a point to include it in the menu more often.  The macaroni & cheese and butterbeans are from the freezer.  Our chickens are laying well so eggs are a necessary menu item.

Potato cheese soup - This time of year the temperature fluctuates up and down so soup is still a menu possibility.  I have ham in the freezer that I will add to the soup.

Chili - A rainy day will be the perfect opportunity to use up the last container of chili from the freezer.  I will make a pan of cornbread to serve along with it.

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