Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Garden Update - Part 1

I decided to break the garden update into two parts.  Today's post will share the raised bed and containers.  First up are the garden peas I planted at the end of December.  They are covered with both blooms and garden peas.


The second raised bed has 24 tomato plants, 4 tomatillo plants and basil.  I also planted marigold seeds down the middle, but those have not sprouted yet.


The third raised bed has head lettuces, leaf lettuce, and radishes.  I have carrot seeds planted as well, but those have not sprouted yet.

I planted all of my herbs aside from the basil in containers this year.  Pictured are the oregano and marjoram also with a pot of unsprouted parsley seeds.  I also have chives, sage, and dill. 

The cats have a container of catnip protected by a wire cage.  Otherwise it would take them less than a day to destroy it.  My cats love catnip!

I am growing peppers in buckets again this year.  I have three jalapeno plants left from last year.  They are still producing so I see no need to get rid of them.  I have some new ones along with bell and poblano pepper plants.


Susan in SC said...

I love all your raised beds and potted plants. I can't wait to start ours here. I think we are not out of the frost danger yet.

Helena said...

my cat loves catnip too. I have it planted in a pot with a white rose and he climbs up on the pot and rubs himself against it. I usually break off a little branch for him to play with. It's a great companion plant for roses. Mine is obviously not even up yet after winter, one little green leaf or so...