Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Handmade Gift Idea: Insulated Casserole Carrier

I am a novice seamstress.  I can sew a (mostly) straight line.  I was pleased that the insulated casserole carrier was a simple project.  The tutorial is courtesy of 2 Little Hooligans.  The instructions were easy to understand.  I loved the step-by-step photos.  I made a change and use the cotton belting for the handles.  I am not a fan of turning long tubes of fabric.  To attach those I followed a tutorial from Homemade by Jill. I did use the original instructions to place them correctly.

Here is my finished carrier.....

I did opt to use fabric that I already had on hand to keep the cost a bit lower.  I ordered the cotton belting and velcro from Amazon as I live in the land of no craft stores.  This is a good challenge project if you are a beginner at sewing.  I had enough of the insulating layer left to make an oven mitt as a future project.

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Susan said...

Thank you for sharing this post. I am always looking for new gifting ideas.