Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Moringa Tree

I had never heard of a moringa tree until I read about it on one of my favorite blogs, Schneider Peeps.  Angi hosted a giveaway in June with a prize of a moringa tree root.  I entered and was very excited to win one of the roots.  The giveaway was courtesy of Karen at Blue Yonder Urban Farms.

Moringa is full of nutrients.  The seeds can be used to purify water.  You can see a couple of posts on the benefits here and here.

I received my moringa root through the mail and was happy with the size and condition.

I opted to plant my root in a large container so I could move the plant into the greenhouse during the winter.  In recent years we had a winter day where the high never got out of the 20s.  I know that is warm to many of you, but it is scary cold to me.  I opted not to take any chances on losing my moringa tree.

The picture above was taken at the end of July . The picture below is what the root looked like about a month later.

The tree is continuing to grow well.  I am starting to look more into the uses of the leaves.  It seems to be a good substitute for kale in soups and the young leaves are often used in salads.  The dried leaves are used for tea or ground into a powder.

Are you interested in growing moringa?  Blue Yonder Urban Farms has a store and offers a 12 month old moringa tree root (which is what I received), cuttings, and seeds.

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