Saturday, September 5, 2015

Update - Holiday Grand Plan Week 1

I thought I would share updates on Saturday evenings of how the week's plans turned out.  Go here to get a reminder of what was on my list.

Cleaning - I finished everything on my cleaning/maintenance list.  I spent nothing this week to refresh the front porch.

This is a wreath I have used for several years.  It hints at fall while still taking into account that it feels like 100+ degrees outside.

I thinned out some plants.  Due to the heat and amount of sun the porch gets, I have mostly succulents.

The mailbox was sanded and got a fresh coat of paint.  I used part of can of paint leftover from another project so it was free.

Holiday Prep - I finished everything on this list.  

Crafts - I finished the baby blanket and did some more work on the casserole carrier.  I did not get started on the felt paper dolls though.

Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes - I still need to work on sorting some stuffed animals, but the rest is done!

Other - Done!  The garden is planted, and the baby chicks are happy to have room to run and dust!

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Terri Cheney said...

I was thinking about cleaning and painting my mailbox fresh...but I'm too tied up with other projects at present. At least the back porch is complete. Now John wants to add a small lockable storage unit at the end of the porch. I need to price those. And determine what I can tolerate after I've made the porch look cute, lol.