Monday, September 21, 2015

Holiday Grand Plan: Week 4 & Last Week's Recap

Life is busy here.  I had no idea that new home construction would suck up so much of my time even though I am not doing any of the actual work yet.  Week 4 of the Holiday Grand Plan focuses on the master bedroom  I am getting back to the schedule and plan to work in there this week.  You can find the official list and printables here.  My list this week will be a bit simpler as I have other things going on.  I am taking a week off from Operation Christmas Child prep unless I end up with some free time.

Cleaning - Bedroom
I plan to give the bedroom a thorough cleaning with dusting and washing all of the bed linens if the weather allows.

Holiday Prep
~Finish making half of my Christmas cards
~Make two freezer meals
~Decorate for autumn

~Sew faces and hair on felt paper dolls
~Continue to work on crochet baby blanket

~Move all yard sale stuff to storage building until it can be taken to church

How did I do last week?
Cleaning - The pantry is organized.

Holiday Prep - I did not work on my Christmas cards at all.  I made French bread pizzas and turkey & cheese pocket sandwiches for the freezer.

Crafts - I cut out all of the felt paper doll pieces.  I finished the baby hat so that gift set is done.  I started on a larger crochet baby blanket that will be a Christmas gift.

Operation Christmas Child - Stuffed animals, toys, and building bricks are divided.

Other - I am calm-ish.  I admit there have been times I needed a hot cup of tea and some quiet time.  The baby chicks are happily scratching in the dirt.  I am keeping on schedule with reading which helps with staying calm!

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Sarah L said...

A great list. It's very do-able. I am following along on the holiday plan but not posting it to my blog.