Monday, September 28, 2015

Holiday Grand Plan: Week 5 & Last Week's Recap

Last week was beyond busy.  With keeping up with things for the house construction, a family dinner, and a neighbor's death, I got next to nothing done on my list.  My plan this week is to carry on and play catch up as best I can.  You can find the official list here.  First my plans (which are much more basic) for this week....

Cleaning - Master Bathroom
Our current house has one tiny bathroom. I am going to spend 30 minutes a day working to clean and organize it.

Holiday Prep
Work on Christmas cards

Continue to work on felt paper dolls - This is my priority until they are finished.

*Spend some time cleaning up the yard and garden.  Building a house is messy.  If the weather permits I want to try to clean before it gets out of hand.

*Spend several hours working on Operation Christmas Child.  I want to have everything organized by the middle of October.

Now for last week....

The only cleaning I got done was boxing up a few things to donate.  I did decorate for autumn - more on that later this week - but did no work on my Christmas cards.  I started on a freezer meal but never finished it.

I did get some work done on the felt paper dolls.  I really need to focus on those.  I keep putting off working on them so it is best to just push ahead and finish them!

With everything going on I will be happy to keep our current house clean and get all of the homemade Christmas gifts done.

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