Sunday, September 13, 2015

Update: Holiday Grand Plan Week 2

Here is my week two update.  I stayed very busy, but I feel like I accomplished quite a bit this week.  Go here for a reminder of everything that was on my list.

Cleaning - I finished everything on my living room cleaning list.  The room feels much better.

Holiday Prep - I made two freezer meals (macaroni & cheese and turkey sausage).  I did not quite complete the 20 cards but I am close enough.  I need to add a stamped sentiment on the inside of each card.  I also did not print the labels.  I am seriously considering revising my list for budget reasons.  My tape supply is good.

Crafts - The casserole carrier is done.  I will share that later in the week.  I have a good plan for the felt paper dolls.  I also finished the diaper cover.

Operation Christmas Child - The sewing kits are done, but I still have not sorted the stuffed animals.  I need W's help to get the container of stuffed animals.  Hopefully he can help me with that this week.

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