Monday, September 14, 2015

Holiday Grand Plan: Week 3

The official cleaning area for this week is the entry/foyer.  My house does not have that room so I will be switching things up a bit.  My pantry is in horrible shape.  I have too much in there and it is poorly organized.  Go here to see the official list for this week.

Cleaning- Pantry
My plan this week is to organize the pantry.  It is a huge mess, and I want it to be functional.

Holiday Prep
~Finalize card list and print labels
~Make two freezer meals (French bread pizza & taco meat)

~Felt paper dolls - I want to get all of the dolls cut out and begin stitching them together
~Crochet baby blanket - this will be a Christmas gift.  I have no plans to finish but want to start.
~Crochet baby hat - this is a gift to match the blanket and ruffled diaper cover.  I just have to decide on the pattern

Operation Christmas Child
~Sort stuffed animals - I promise to get this done this week.
~Bag toy cars - the children like to put two cars in each box so the recipient can play with a friend..
~Bag building bricks - I have 3 bags and would like to get 1 divided this week.

~Keep calm.  Major changes are coming.  More on that when they have started.
~Move more baby chicks.
~Read.  I am making an effort to take time to relax so reading is on the schedule.

I am working more on crafts and Operation Christmas Child since cleaning is on the light side this week.  Have you started thinking about the holidays yet?

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