Friday, March 10, 2017

Frugal Friday

This past week I made an attempt to sit down each day and write a few frugal things I had done.

I washed clothes in homemade laundry detergent and hung them out to dry.  I also used a bunch of leftover fruit to make W fruit salad to take in his lunch.  The apples that were beyond fruit salad use went to the rabbits.  The other fruit bits went into the compost pile.

My aunt dropped off some cabbage leaves for the rabbits.  The cabbage were from her garden.  My rabbits are quite spoiled as they most often eat produce from the garden.  I packed W's work foods in all reusable containers.  I had macaroni & cheese (from the freezer) with sliced tomato (from my dad) for supper.

I transplanted some seedlings into recycled plant containers using a potting mix I bought on clearance last year.  I baked two loaves of bread.  I paid bills.  The last one might not seem like a money saving item, but late fees are not frugal.

We both had dentist appointments.  A couple of years ago I started scheduling them for the same time so we only made one trip.  We also did our other errands while we were out.  Meals were eaten at home even though we spent quite a bit of time in town.  I bought the e-book version of a book I had on my wish list for $1.99.  It pays to add things to a wish list and scroll through it from time to time. 

I ended up going back to town with W.  I picked up a sprinkler hose for free with a gift card I won from an instant win game.  I will use this for my new bee/butterfly garden area.  Most of the flowers are drought tolerant, but I need to get them established.  I also picked up some flowers on clearance to put in pots on the front porch.  I spent $1.61 for a six pack of sweet william and a pot of English daisies.  I split these between two pots.  It should fill in nicely over the coming months.

We had leftovers for both meals today.  It gave me a break from cooking and helped stretch the grocery budget. I took advantage of the warm temperatures to open the windows and air out the house.  


Bethany said...

We eat freezer leftovers a lot. It works great with just two people!

Rhonda said...

Your dad already has homegrown tomatoes? Wow 😄
Yes, paying bills on time is frugal, and just the responsible thing to do.

Dawn said...

Rhonda, my dad got the tomatoes from a farmer's market. I am pretty sure they came from Florida. I wish he had homegrown tomatoes. As warm as it has been, I am not planting outside yet.