Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Giving Back

Last year I was introduced to Mercy House Global through a post by Angi at Schneider Peeps.  It is hard to put into words how much I have been touched by this ministry.  Impoverished women are empowered through jobs earning fair wages in safe working environments. The stories of these precious women remind me how blessed I am.

I signed up for the Fair Trade Friday Original Box thinking I would try it for a month or two.  I was instantly hooked.  The appeal was not only by the wonderful items I received, but also the knowledge that I was helping women have a better life.  The items often include the name of the woman who made it.  I find myself saying a prayer for the artist each time I use or wear an item.  I have not been disappointed once.  A few items have been gifted to others simply because I had a friend who would love a certain item.

Even though one of my goals this year is to boost our savings, I will do my best to always make room in the budget for Fair Trade Friday.  The story behind the brass knot earrings makes me want to sign up for the Earring of the Month option as well.  Not interested in a monthly subscription box, you can make purchases through the online store.

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