Friday, March 24, 2017

Frugal Friday

Friday:  This was a normal day here.  Meals were eaten at home.  Laundry was hung to dry.  I picked lettuce from the garden for the rabbits.  I honestly do not know anything special that I did.  Some days are like that though.

Saturday:  I baked baguettes and sandwiches bread.  Both recipes are basic - flour, salt, yeast, water, and a bit of oil for the latter.  Both are delicious and inexpensive to make.  I normally make some type of bread once a week.  I have no idea how much bread costs, but I can guess that homemade is cheaper.  W and I both ate leftovers.  I packed his lunch.

Sunday:  Sundays are always quieter days.  Aside from going to church, I spend this day resting as much as possible.  I answer letter or read.

Monday:  I hung sheets out to dry on the line.  I transplanted seedlings into recycled pots.  I spent some time organizing the pantry and made a plan to use up some items.

Tuesday:  I worked in the yard part of the day.  I planted herbs into some cement blocks left from building the house.  The idea is that the roots can go out the bottom while the top will keep the chickens from scratching up the plants.  I used bags of potting mix purchased last year on clearance.  I hung clothes out to dry.  I cooked our meal using ingredients already on hand.

Wednesday:  W and I ran our errands together.  I stuck to my list at the grocery store.  We bought in season produce which was on sale.  We had meal plans at home which kept us from being tempted to eat out.  We gave my uncle some leftover paint to use on a project.  This might not seem thrifty for us, but we often trade needed items back and forth.  It was nice to have something on hand that we no longer needed but he did.

Thursday:  Another quiet day spent at home.  It was cooler so I stayed in for the most part. I did hang a load of clothes outside as well as some on drying racks inside.  We had leftovers for our main meal.  W bought parts to fix my car - something to do with the battery cables - for $20.  I am thankful he is able to do things like that as it definitely saves money!

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Rhonda said...

Jeff keeps all our vehicles running and I am so grateful every time he does. He did some repaired on my parent's car, the dealer estimated $1500 and Jeff did it for $126.
Bread is expensive!