Friday, March 17, 2017

Frugal Friday

Friday:  We headed out to the Peaches to Beaches yard sale.  We packed drinks and food items rather than eating out.  It saved time and money.  Moving was still fresh in my mind so I was careful with what I purchased.

Saturday:  Back to the yard sales even though we were tired.  Drinks and food was packed for a second day.  We took a shorter route and came home with time to rest.  My aunt and her grandchildren came over to visit the rabbits.  They brought carrots for the rabbits and cabbage for the chickens.  

Sunday:  The weather turned cold so other than church and feeding the animals it was a quiet day.  I stayed in and answered some mail.

Monday:  The weather was cold and rainy.  I was happy to get some water for the outside plants though.  I ate leftovers for dinner and supper.  I watched a horror movie that I rented for free with Amazon shipping credits.  I crocheted some wash cloths and answered  few letters.

Tuesday:  I made soup for dinner using ingredients already on hand.  It was cold so I stayed in except for feeding the animals.

Wednesday:  This is our usual errand day.  I picked up some sale items at the grocery store.  The sun finally came out so I was able to wash and hang out a load of laundry.  We used some leftover plastic from the greenhouse to cover up the raised beds.  Last month's temperatures near the 80s have many of my herbs sprouted out.  These will not handle cold well so we covered them in an attempt to save them.  We moved a few potted items into the house and greenhouse.

Thursday:  I picked lettuce from the garden for the rabbits.  When I cooked soup earlier in the week, I only used part of a pack of ground venison.  I used the rest in chili for Thursday's meal.  The chili also used home canned tomatoes and pinto beans I cooked myself and froze.  It was a frugal meal with homemade cornbread on the side.  

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