Wednesday, March 8, 2017

In The Garden

It has been a few weeks since I posted a garden update.  I am making slow progress on weeding the raised beds.  The warmer winter means things are sprouting sooner and that the weeds have thrived.  The chickens are helping me dispose of them.  That means I rarely pull more than they can eat in a day.

In the greenhouse I planted the seedlings in recycled plastic containers.  The peat pellets continue to help them thrive by holding onto moisture.

This week I also planted the Meyer lemon and grapefruit seedlings that were started from seeds.  To the right of them you can see some bunny tails which I am growing just for fun.

My garden helper for the day - Paris

In the outside garden the herbs that sprouted are growing well.  This bed has stevia, marshmallow, blue salvia, chamomile, and yarrow.

When I weeded another bed, I was thrilled to find that the bee balm had sprouted back out and multiplied!  I always pays to weed carefully so plants you want are not tossed aside too.

One of last year's jalapeno pepper plants surprised me by sprouting back out.  I removed a thick layer of leaves from this raised bed and am hoping to see some pepper seedlings.

Finally the loquat trees that my uncle gave me have grown over the past year.  I will transplant them into larger pots for a year before finding a permanent home for them in the yard.

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