Thursday, August 10, 2017

52 New Recipes: Tuna Casserole

I have been searching for a good tuna casserole recipe for years.  The Old Fashioned Tuna Noodle Casserole from Sweet Little Bluebird might not be the healthiest, but it is delicious.  The mayonnaise and sour cream made it extra creamy.  I used elbow macaroni rather than noodles as that is what I had on hand.  I also used homemade bread crumbs rather than potato chips for the same reason.  I added some fresh sliced mushrooms.

I neglected to take a picture.  The leftovers were just as good the following day.   It was easy to put together.  This will be my go to tuna casserole recipe from now on.  I served it with side salads and garlic bread.  Yum!


Terri Cheney said...

Did you make a full recipe or try to half it? It does sound good. I've bookmarked it to try but plan to try and half it since it is just John and I to eat it.

Dawn said...

Terri, I did halve the recipe. It was a gracious plenty for two with the sides.

Terri Cheney said...

This was absolutely DELICIOUS! The leftovers tasted as good or better even though I reheated the casserole. Thank you so much for sharing your review on this recipe. John is excited to think there's more of this in his future, lol.