Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Few of My Favorite Things

I wanted to share a few of my favorite internet finds from the past week.

How to Store Chipotle Chilies in the Refrigerator from The Frugal Girl:  I had never bought chipotle chilies mainly because I had no idea what to do with an entire can of them.  This post was all the push I needed to purchase a can.  Now I am obsessed with chipotles.  They are so yummy - a bit of heat with lots of smokiness.

Hummus from Gimme Some Oven: I think this is the week for things I have never tried before.  I had never eaten hummus before and that includes store bought.  Since everything homemade is better, I thought homemade hummus would be better too.  I wanted a basic recipe to get me started.  This one is great with fresh vegetables.  I was surprised that even W ate some.  I am looking to experiment, but this recipe will be included.

Christmas Ornament for Vacation Bible School:  Once I know the theme for our church's VBS, I start searching for craft ideas.  I often mark a bunch of things and then go back to narrow down the list.  Our VBS is in July so I am going with a Christmas in July theme for one day.  I thought this would be a nice keepsake.

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Tammy said...

We love chipotle anything, so a couple of years ago we made our own chipotle peppers using jalapenos from our garden. I left several on the plant until they were red, then Greg smoked and dehydrated them. We put them in the spice grinder and are still using the resulting powder - a little goes a long way.
If I recall correctly, you grow jalapenos, so I thought this might interest you. :)