Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekly Savings

My grocery spending has been a bit out of control for the past month so I put myself on a budget to get things to balance back out.  More details on that later in the week.  The good thing is that I stuck to the budget.

We closed our safe deposit box at the bank.  It was a bit silly to see the things we had been storing in there.  Nothing was irreplaceable.  We received a 98 cents refund but will save $45 a year from here on out.

We ate strawberries from my parents' garden and four blueberries from ours.  This is the first year for our blueberry plants so I was not expecting much.  I cannot begin to describe how delicious my two organic, fresh picked blueberries were.

All of our laundry was dried either outside or on drying racks inside.  I also used a sample of detergent to wash two loads.

Meals were all cooked at home, and we made an effort to eat leftovers.

I cooked dried beans in the slow cooker twice this week.  It is cheaper than buying canned beans and also healthier.  I can control the amount of salt when I cook them myself.

I did no extra shopping this week.  I did not let myself get tempted by any Amazon deals or in store sales on things I did not need.

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